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Al Hafez Real Estate, with over “15”years of seasoned expertise in the real estate sales and management in Turkey 🇹🇷 and UAE 🇦🇪, excels not only in property sales & transactions but also specializes in interior decoration. Our dedicated team of skilled engineers ensures meticulous furnishings tailored to the unique characteristics of each apartment. Moreover, our legal experts specialize in facilitating Turkish citizenship acquisition. Committed to comprehensive services, we offer pre- and after-sales support, assisting you in obtaining residency and efficiently managing your properties.

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Ahmed Al-Hassan:
I dealt with Al-Hafez Company in my search for a property in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and I will be happy to experience it with them. The company has extensive experience in the field of real estate for eight years, and I am grateful for their efforts and recommend the company to continue to start real estate engineering in Turkey.
Alaa Sharbatji:
Al-Hafez Company, a quarter of their experience of being present in the real estate market in Turkey, sold quickly to the house you would have died from in Antalya. Al-Hafez team is always ready to answer my queries. Al-Hafez Company is the choice for those looking for real estate in Turkey.
Muhammad Muhanna:
I am happy to acquire Al-Hafez Company in the field of real estate. They helped me at every stage of the search and purchase process and knew my concerns about finding a property in Turkey. I am grateful to maintain their service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tapu is the official document that shows that you are the owner of the property. It contains the owner’s name and his personal and the property information.
Tapu is divided into 4 types.


Land and agriculture:
It’s the document that says that you own agriculture or a simple land. The color of this document is “blue”


Easement bond:
This kind of tapu is most used when you own a property in a building that is still in construction or you bought a property with ranges and you didn’t finish your payment yet.


Full title deed:
This kind of tapu is the one that you will get when you buy a property and you finish all the financial transactions.


Title deed “Hisseli”:
This tapu is for people who want to share their names in the same title deed documents. you can add up to 3 people

A lot of Turkish people are making their savings through real estate investment in order to avoid the risks that could happen from the inflation.


Which makes the real estate market increase significantly.


However, inflation is not the only reason why this market rises dramatically; there are other factors including a weakening local currency, a bullish real estate market, local population growth, and internal and external migration.

The prices in Turkey for real estate are generally suitable for any customer. Where vou can find houses with 1 million dollar or more and also you can find with 80,000$


When you buy a house or property in Turkey, you have the right of taking a real estate residence. But you have to take into consideration that if you buy in big cities like Istanbul your property should be 200,000$ or more to obtain a real estate residence.


One of the options to get citizenship and become a Turkish citizen is to buy a property for 400,000$ or more.


In Turkey, the cost of living is very reasonable and considered cheap compared to many Western countries.

One must personally apply to the conscription department to pay the military service fee. For the year 2023, the cost is 104,084 Turkish Lira. After payment, a receipt must be handed over to the conscription department.

When you get Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, you will benefit from enormous things while you live in this country. Such as:


With the Turkish passport you can access 100 or more countries where there are some countries that reguire an online visa, but most of them are without visa.


Your children will benefit from education services where they can have a free education in primary school, middle school and high school.
And they can have good refunds in Universities as a Turkish


You can vote in all kinds of elections that the republic does because you are considered a Turkish citizen.

1. Relying on the broker without
verification: Don’t just rely on the provided photos or information. Alwas personall visit the propertv and verif the details.

2. Not examining the documentation: Ensure that the property has all the necessary licenses and documents, and is free from legal issues.

3. Overlooking the true market value: Make it a priority to compare prices in the area before making a purchasing decision.

4. Neglecting to understand local laws: Property laws can change. Be sure to familiarize yourself with current regulations, especially if you’re a foreigner.

5. Unawareness of tax implications: Know vour tax obligations when buying and selling.

6. Ignoring additional costs: Such as registration fees, and taxes.

7. Rushing the purchase: We advise you to take your time and analvze all aspects before making a decision.

It is a power of attorney granted to a lawyer, a real estate consultancy firm, or a trusted friend who is responsible for submitting the nationality application documents for you and your family.

An investor can obtain this from the Turkish embassy in their country or upon arrival in Turkey.

The appointed entity or person is responsible for following all legal procedures, whether during the property purchase or the nationality application process

Citizens can apply for an exemption from military service through the E-Devlet government portal, following the on-screen instructions, or visiting the nearest conscription office.

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