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Real estate investment strategies in Turkey: long-term and short-term

Posted by Alhafez Real Estate on October 1, 2023

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most attractive options for global investors. Turkey combines significant advantages such as its strategic geographical location, emerging economy, and investor-friendly laws. In this article, we will discuss real estate investment strategies in Turkey, including investing in under-construction real estate projects and ready-to-live properties that can be rented.

Long-term investment in under-construction real estate projects:

  • Determining Purpose and Objectives:

When investing in an under-construction real estate project in Turkey, you need to define the purpose of your investment. Are you planning to benefit from long-term returns by investing in the project and waiting for its completion, or do you intend to sell the unit once it’s completed?


  • Thorough Research and Analysis:

Study the market in-depth and look for under-construction real estate projects in promising areas. Evaluate factors such as the project’s location, the property developer, and market expectations.


  • Choose the Developer Carefully:

Check the developer’s track record in completing projects and meeting deadlines. You should consult a real estate agent like Al-Hafiz Real Estate Company to assist in evaluating potential developers.


  • Infrastructure and Design:

Pay attention to the project’s technical details, such as infrastructure, the quality of materials used, and design expertise. Furthermore, public amenities like schools, hospitals, and transportation near the project are essential.

Short-term investment via ready-to-live properties:

  • Define the Objective:

Determine if you plan to invest in short-term rentals like Airbnb or long-term residential rentals. This will influence the type of income and the required return annually, monthly, or even daily in some projects.


  • Choose the Location Wisely:

Returns vary from one area to another and mainly increase in city centers (Center).


  • Evaluate Financial Returns:

Calculate the expected financial return from the property based on your investment goal after accounting for potential costs and taxes.


  • Property Management:

You will need a specialized company to manage properties for handling legal matters and dealing with tenants.


  • Adherence to Laws and Taxes:

Ensure you’re knowledgeable, comply with local laws, and adhere to the taxes related to rented properties in Turkey.


In conclusion, investing in real estate in Turkey requires preparation, research, and good planning. By understanding and implementing the right strategies, investors can achieve excellent profits in the long or short term. Please take advantage of the opportunities available in the emerging Turkish real estate market and work to complete your investment goals by connecting with us at Al-Hafez Real Estate Company.

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